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Sheila Jenkins


I am an #1 internaitonal Best selling author, Reiki master, and divine feminine on the path to

I hope that by sharing my stories with all of you, I can help you remember who you really are

We are more than just our physical bodies. We are the soul that inhabits them

All of us are divine sparks of our Creator here to help 
Restore peace, harmony, Love and unity to the planet through the consciousness of humanity..

Thank you for being here!

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This is my own personal journey about the sacred bond between twin flames and How i have naviigated my way through it as a divine feminine. It is my hope by sharing my story that i can assist others on this path to Let them know they are not alone. 


"You awoke a love in me I never knew existed" - Sheila Jenkins

A powerful read about how love transcends the physical death. It became an Amazon #1 Best Seller. 

Beautiful Quotes written by the author coupled with vibrant images inside. 

A true story that walks you through the sacred bond between Twin Flames from a Divine Feminine perspective. 


"A beautiful and profound
eye opener about love and the Afterlife"

"Sheila weaves a beautiful tapestry of an everlasting love that was found through her grief following the loss of her beloved Sam. Readers will become spellbound as they realize that even though she and Sam had not had the chance to enter into their mutually, and much wanted relationship, love goes far deeper than death. Wondering why she should be feeling such profound grief over the death of someone she had only formally dated once, Sheila quickly found her answers through the Afterlife and all of the ways that Sam shows her he has not left. More than that, he has shown her that their love has spanned lifetimes. Please do not miss reading this book."


"The Day Before is much more than a beautiful love story about Sheila & Sam."

"The Day Before is much more than a beautiful love story about Sheila and Sam. It is a thinker! If souls have known each other lifetime after lifetime, at what point do we fall in love with each other in each lifetime? If we are one with our soulmate or twin flame, why don't we remember right away? Sheila and Sam are, without a doubt, one soul. Did they know it when they first met at work? Has their relationship enhanced in the years since they met? I won't spoil the book. Enjoy finding out the answers to my questions.
See what questions pop up for you. I know you will enjoy this book just as much as I enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your heart and soul, Sheila and Sam."

~Jan Hunt Dawson, Ph.D.

"A page turner that just gives you honest confirmation that there truly are miracles."

"A riveting read presented by the author, concerning her very short-lived romance with a true soulmate, who unfortunately passed on far too early, yet who still contacts her from beyond! A page turner that just gives you honest confirmation that there truly are miracles!."


"Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against love" Rumi


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