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My journey spans over a period of thirteen years starting in 2011 when I looked into the eyes of a stranger and recognized his soul. It would be two short years later that we decided to date. The very next day he unexpectedly died from a massive heart attack. His disappearance from my life threw me into raw grief and a spiritual awakening. He started reaching out to me from the Other Side. It was then I believed he was my Twin Flame and penned my first book “The Day Before: Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife." My second book “Infinite Love: 50 Twin Soul Love Quotes” was also dedicated to him.

It wasn’t until 2017 when I came face to face with the match to my soul that I understood that Sam was my “catalyst Twin" preparing me for my “true” Twin Flame. My third book “A Walk Back to Innocence: A Divine Feminine’s Journey” will take you on a heartbreaking but beautiful journey into the sacred bond of Twin Flames. Soon to come out on Amazon and searchable online bookstores. Thank you and God bless!

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"Go find yourself first so you can find me" Rumi

Fun facts about Sheila

I am a mother, grandmother and most recently great grandmother

I love to laugh and make others laugh. somtimes I make up comedy skits in my mind

music absolutely stirs my soul. the seventies is my favorite genre

Taking photos of flowers, sunsets and landscapes is my favorite pastime

dancing is such a joyous and liberating feeling. I once won a dance contest at my local fire department

I have an associates degree in applied science with a major in administrative support and technology

When I was young i wanted to be an archeologist. I still want to dig up dinosours, crystals and lost treasure

I have been a server most of my life

I would love to visit greece one day

being grateful everyday is how i move forward