Sheila Jenkins

The Day Before

Eternal Bonds into the Afterlife


A True Love Story 

The Day Before: eternal bonds into the Afterlife is a true story of a special friend who came into my life which led to the decision to date. The happiness was short lived as he suddenly died the following day. This is a story of love, grief and self-enlightenment as I struggled to make sense of so many unanswered question that took over my life. It is a story of faith and love that transcends the physical death.


   "The author's ability to describe events were so vivid that I felt like
I was right alongside her"

"This true story brings many emotions alive. For me, the author's ability to describe events were so vivid that I felt like I was right alongside her. I smiled, laughed and cried right along with her. In the end, it left me with such a warm and very peaceful feeling. I LOVED IT!."

~Gail W.

 A truly tragic yet uplifting soulmates love story!

"A riveting read presented by the author, concerning her very short-lived romance with a true soulmate, who unfortunately passed on far too early, yet who still contacts her from beyond! A page turner that just gives you honest confirmation that there truly are miracles!."

~Amazon Customer

"This wonderfully written book will give you insight into the afterlife"

"The Day Before is a must read for everyone. This wonderfully written book will give you insight to many questions we all have about the connection we have to our loved ones once they have passed. We all wonder but are afraid to voice the questions. Thankfully Ms. Jenkins is guiding us with her heart and soul. This book is also a wonderful love story and will touch your heart in many ways. Thank you for opening the door for us all."


Most Common Signs from Our Loved Ones

Dream Visitations ~ They feel more real than other dreams
Songs ~ It may just be a phrase within the song 
Coins ~ Be sure to look at dates as this could be significant
Feathers ~ Different colors mean different things
Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs 
Birds ~ cardinals, blue jays, hummingbirds etc.
Number Sequences 111-999 1111 1010 1221 717...

Tingling in the head, hair, cheek, nose or any body part

You may even feel your loved ones presence